Likes and Dislikes of London Escorts

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We get it wrong with escorts at times because we harbor a few misconceptions regarding their work.

What if we knew some things beforehand? Things London escorts likes and dislikes?

Here is a list of things that would impress or piss of a London escort. 

What they like

1. Tips, tips, and more tips: Who doesn’t like being rewarded extra generously for their work? Add a few pounds on the escort’s pay, and they’ll thank you for that.

2. Clients who are sensual and nice: Don’t be the tough guy who doesn’t identify full-stops. Escorts want you to listen to them and respect their wishes.

3. Clients who do not treat escorts like escorts: Surprising, right? Escorts want you to be romantic and sensual and pay less attention to their profession. 

4. Men who shave their pubes and their beards too: This is the 21st century. Young London escorts, who happen to comprise the most significant part of the lot, like to work with clean-shaven men, both downstairs and upstairs.

5. Men who hire them to talk: Sometimes, an escort would want both of you to have a good conversation and part ways without having sex. A small crop of men does that, and London escorts have a lot of respect for them! 

What they dislike

1. Unhygienic clients: Everyone hates dirty people, so do London escorts. 

2. Disrespectful clients: Escorts expect the clients to respect their job and treat them nicely.

3. Drunks and drug users: A drunken client is challenging and even risky to deal with. Escorts also know that druggies are a little unpredictable. 

4. Clients who force them to do things: Escorts don’t like being forced into anything, including drug use, drinking, engaging in lewd sexual fantasies they disapprove, and so on.

5. Cons: Escorts don’t like dealing with clients who attempt or end up stealing their stuff. It’s tacky.