Best Restaurants in London

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London presents one of the most diverse and electrifying restaurant selection. People can excite their palates at an eating joint of their choice which ranges from classics to recent game changers. You can dig into meals that feature local and fresh ingredients that chefs source from various locations in the UK or you can also tempt the taste buds with food from all over the globe. Some of the places where you can eat and almost end up licking your plate in the city include:

BarrafinaAn authentic tapas bar, this is a restaurant with a gorgeous marble topped bar and an open kitchen plan. Guests can relax at the stylish red leather stools as they watch the creative and passionate chefs in action. There are three Barrafinas in London with the original one at Soho’s Dean Street and the other two at Drury Lane in Covent Garden and Adelaide Street. They offer la carte menus that feature authentic Spanish dishes. Food lovers get a treat every day because there are daily special menu changings allowing people to sample something different and tasty. Individuals who eat here agree that it serves the best tapas in Europe.

Bang Bang OrientalIt is an Asian food court nestled in Colindale. It can accommodate 450 dinners and has 33 kiosks. It is the place to be for anyone who craves mouth-watering Asian dishes. Restaurants and stands dish up various cuisines that include Indian, Vietnamese, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean. Here, people can also enjoy food from underrepresented countries like Taiwan, Malaysia, and Singapore. You can also be part of other people’s cultures where you can enjoy things like Vietnamese communal dining, and Sichuan cooking. Taiwanese street food is bound to make an individual feel as though they are in the country.

Meat PeopleRestaurants that serve flavorful meat always have their tables full. An example of such an establishment is the Meat people and cocktail bar in North London. It is a food joint that was established with food enthusiasts in mind. It is a stylish venue with wooden paneling lining the walls and a tiled ceiling. Most importantly the food is delightful as the chefs only serve a selection of superb cuts that they source locally as well as other parts of the globe. You will savor each bite of the meat, and you will only stop eating because your stomach has had enough.

BrawnOffering a simple and light, airy dining space, Brawn is a lovely place tucked on Columbia Road in Bethnal Green. It is one of the restaurants in London that lets its food do the talking. Trust that it has a lot to say as experts only cook food that is within season sourcing ingredients from multiple local producers and suppliers in the community. Tables are usually full of a delicious selection of starters, main course, and pudding. Revelers appreciate superb service and brilliant menu offerings. Chefs describe the food at the restaurant as straightforward and honest with respect for tradition.

Ta Ta EateryIt is a restaurant that does not provide you with standard meals. Instead, it creates an unusual fusion that you will fall in love with the second you put it in your mouth. People who eat here are often mesmerized by how Chinese and Portuguese merge beautifully to present meals that a person wants to eat forever. Standard meals here include perfectly cooked bowls of rice that are slightly sticky. It makes an excellent vehicle for giant octopus, Iberica pork, marinated tofu or anything else the chefs deem fit to prepare on a particular day.

Counter CultureAlthough it is not somewhere fancy, Counter Culture is an attractive and affordable eating place that specializes in contemporary European cooking, but with ingredients from all corners of the universe. It usually results in delicious and highly intricate meals in small plates. The menu here is short, but people still enjoy it because it is packed with flavor. It offers diners an intimate setting with wooden table sit in views of the beautiful open kitchen. The snack bar celebrates small things where chefs cure, ferment, pickle, and bottle the season’s produce to couple it up with fantastic fish, meat or vegetables to create tasty meals.