My London escort escapade

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Today has been a long day struggling to tame this boner. It’s been months now since any action; let’s say I’ve been handling it personally. During our weekly hangouts with the boys, Ryan suggests that I need to try the Cleopatra Escort London Escorts.

Ryan is a regular at the agency and he hangs around beautiful women so that it would be a good idea. It turns out that the escort agency here is legitimate. I decided I’d book one or two and get to blow some steam and loosen up a little.

From my hotel room, I dialed the agency and hired one for myself. It was around 9 pm and I had quite a lot of time in my hands. I lay sipping a cold beer anxiously anticipating the night as my driver picked the escort from the agency. From what I’ve heard, London escorts are exclusive and such a big deal; they are professional, yet highly sexual, the perfect mix.

She arrived at around 10 pm; all dressed in a skimpy elegant dress that hugged her figure, lowly-hanging neckline exposed her very busty cleavage, glorious smooth skin and bouncy blonde curls cascading her bare back. She was a sight for sore eyes. I knew there and then that things were about to get really freaky; I was hoping, however, that we shared the same school of thought.

She identified as Kayla. I asked Kayla to join me for drinks at the balcony to try and set the mood. We sipped Bacardi from the minibar in my suite. The shots hit all at once, and from then on, things got really hot and heated real quick.

We hit the tub to kick-start the night.

Kayla slipped into a sequin bodysuit and the bouncy bubble butt exposed in her tiny thong piece. She was drop dead gorgeous in it. These London escorts are a treat!

She began the sensational body massage, rubbing through my tensed muscles and abs. With time I started loosening up and relaxing but I was starting to have ideas seeing her so close. Her hands ran down my back, it was calming, but I wanted her. I know she was trying to keep it professional, but she eventually gave in to those nasty thoughts we all had in mind. I wasn’t sure she was up for it until she asked me to fondle her breasts. She had no idea that I was eyeing those puppies the whole damn time.

I groped her full breasts, tagged my mouth on her nipples and gently sucked them. By this time, I had one of the biggest boners in my history of boners. I made a mental note to keep in touch with Kayla and visit her when I visit East London. She was a sweet one, and she let loose pretty easily. Maybe she found me good-looking or attractive, or it was probably business etiquette, I couldn’t put a finger on it at the moment. Kayla tugged at my nipples, pinched them playfully while I ran kisses down her neck. She had started to get wild and turned on; the atmosphere was engulfed with sexual tension and repressed hunger. I grabbed her neck and put my mouth on her, parting her lips for a kiss. The passionate kisses took things to the next level; at this point, we weren’t holding back.

Kayla went down on me, giving me my first blowjob ever. She deep-throated my penis. It was exciting and thrilling. I almost gave in, she was too good, and so before I did, I pinned her on her back, slipped a condom on and proceeded to thrust myself in her with powerful strokes. I pumped harder as she screamed and moaned for me. I felt so powerful dominating her, turning her the other way and stroking her with back-shots. I couldn’t handle the pleasure and almost immediately tapped out.

And I did. There I was, relieved and happy, but slightly embarrassed that I came so soon. As if sensing it, Kayla said that she loved it. She must have, though, we were pretty intoxicated. Too tired to do anything, I fell asleep beside Kayla. We would talk about the money tomorrow.