Moving to London

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Every time an election comes along, so are the groups of civil who are trying to defend the people’s rights. There are groups of scientists and doctors debating ether the future ruling will be good for our country or not.
I used to be part of one of these group when I used to live in Bruxelles. It was such a stressful period of time and we never achieved anything from what he planned.
From that moment I decided I will never take part of such a group. If someone has to say, they should say it out loud with their own mouth. Not expecting for another person to do the job for him.

I Changed my life completely. I left Bruxelles and ,oved to London. I was a decision I will never regret. I found a job immediately. As a therapist is easy to practice as long as you know the language. English wasn’t a problem for me.

I have a tremendous number of people coming to my office and I am never out of work. I’ve met all type of people. I also managed to make new friends.

London is a vibrant city with a variety of people living in it. So. I have patients from single moms to high class escorts. And this last type of clients are so fascinating to analyse. You will think London escorts do the job they do because they are forced into it. By someone, by financial needs and so on. Well, believe it or not, most of them are doing it for pleasure. Yes, for pleasure! They just love the idea of meeting with a new man and making him beg for her attention. They just love all the flirtation that is happening over and over again. They are almost always happy with their clients and can not wait to meet new ones. One escort confessed me she  just the love the attention she gets from the men. She likes the restaurants they are taking her and all the clubs and parties. And, of course, after all this fun she also gets paid. She said to me: What can be more greater than this?

So, you see, it’s all a matter of perspective. Every human finds his happiness in something. I found my happiness here in London. I am part of no groups and it;s the best for me. I love my life at the moment and I would never go back to Bruxelles. I love my patients here and all their variety. London, is now my house and my happy place!